Total Technology

Total Technology
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Are you interested in seeing what level your game and technique is with the latest technology. We recommend getting the Total Technology package. With the Total Technology Package you will be set up on the FlightScope Launch Monitor, SAM Putt Lab and Swing Catalyst they will provide you will some of the most valuable information about your technique and give you a greater understanding of why the ball does what it does. At the end of the session you will be provided with a full comprehensive report with all the information and data gathered from the session.

  • FlightScope Club and Swing data                    www.flightscope.com
    • Spin rates
    • Launch angles
    • Carry Distances
    • Ball Speed
    • Smash Factor
    • Spin Axis
    • Club Comparison
    • Clubhead Speed Profile
    • Clubhead Acceleration Profile
    • Driving Optimizer
    • Grouping
    • Ball Trajectory
    • Clubhead Path
    • Angle of Attack
  • SAM Putt Lab                                                           www.scienceandmotion.com
    • Face Alignment at Address
    • Face Alignment at Impact
    • Putter Path direction
    • Backswing and forward swing duration and length
    • Timing
    • Movement dynamics, velocity on the backswing and downswing
    • Path and impact spot
    • Face to path measurement
    • Clubhead rotation
  • Swing Catalyst Video Capture Software                 www.swingcatalyst.com
    • Before and after comparison
    • Drawing Tools
    • Side by side comparison

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