Loyalty Points

We want to reward you for your outstanding decision to shop with us. So we decided that it was fair that if you shop with us, we will give you something back in return just to say thank you. Of course, then you will come back and shop more and use your loyalty points to purchase more goodies. 

Like all other rewards schemes, when you make a purchase you get points and those points end up equaling money that you can spend online. 

Now for it to make sense:
When you set up an account you will automatically receive 200 loyalty points, just because we can. 200 loyalty points is worth $4.00, so we have helped you out straight away with your first purchase. When you go and buy that driver that you have been wanting for ages, you will receive loyalty points. Let's imagine that this new driver costs you $400.00. You would receive 400 loyalty points which is to the value of $8.00. Every 100 points you get equals $2.00. Hope that all makes sense. If it doesn't, try it out, buy that driver and see what happens. 

When do I use my loyalty points?
You can use your loyalty points at any stage. once you have signed in and you have decided on the item you would like to purchase, click on the item and add it to the cart. By clicking on the shopping cart on the top right of the page you can then check out. Once you have clicked on check out, you have the option to use your loyalty points towards the purchase. 

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