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Golf is a fantastic game. Nothing compares to the feeling of hitting one out of the “sweet spot”!

However, if you’re plagued with problems like slicing and hooking, golf can cause plenty of frustration.

The better you play, the more you will enjoy your golf, and that’s our goal — to maximize your performance and love for the game. Our professional fitting studio has all the technology and expertise you’ll ever need to improve your golf — it’s like a golfer’s wonderland! Come in and experience it for yourself. This amazing facility allows you to have full ball tracking from an indoor area. Great for those wet days when you can't get out on the course.


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It is continuously becoming more evident that many golfing problems are caused by using the wrong clubs.

You see, everyone is different and has, what we call, a unique “swing DNA.” So, an iron or driver that suits one golfer won’t necessarily suit another.

We encourage all customers to go through a club fitting. This way we custom fit heads, shafts and grips to suit you. We try on our shoes for size so why not our golf clubs?

Try it for yourself and feel the difference fitted clubs can make to your game from the comfort of our indoor studio with putting facilities and open access to the driving range.

How fitting works


When fitting your clubs, we use a Doppler radar system called Flightscope X2. This amazing technology tracks the golf ball through its flight and records things like:

• What your ball did in flight

• How far your ball travelled

• How fast your club face hit the ball

• How fast your ball came off the club face

• How your ball spun in the air.

This information is invaluable when comparing different combinations of heads, shafts and grips to find the best ‘fit’ for you and maximise your performance.


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